Don't Worry I'm Vaccinated Square Sticker

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Don’t Worry I’m Vaccinated , Vaccinated Af ,dont worry im vaccinated,kiss me im vaccinated, Covid Vaccinated, Covid vaccine , Covid finished , Awareness Pro-Vaccine Science Humor, Public Health, Properly Vaccinated, Covid finished,Vaccinated T-Shirt,I m vaccinated,vaccinated, Vaccinated af,vaccinated vaccinated, vaccinated vaccinated vaccinated,vaccinated you can hug me now,educated motivated vaccinated,hug me im vaccinated,dont worry im vaccinated,covid vaccinated,Hug Me Now,You Can Hug Me,Fully,

*Price reflects per-sheet price for stickers. Default sheet sizes contains 20 stickers. Large format stickers are also available for most designs. If you choose to have this design printed on an alternative product type other charges will apply.
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